Monday, May 28, 2012

Your Chance to Win a Free File !

Happy Monday everyone!!  Hope everyone enjoyed the long holiday weekend.  I know I did, I actually got some crafting in - it felt so good to finally have time to play a little.

There is a new baby boy in the family, so I made this card using 3 different files from Paper Piecings by Nikki.
Now here is the way you can win a $5.00 file from Nikki, go to her store Hereand tell me which three files I used for this card.  Easy Peasy.  I will announce the winner on Friday June 1st. 


Lynda said...

Cute as a Bug Boy Pattern Set
A mother's Love - Giraffe
3d Baby bear shape card

Kate said...

Super cute.


CrazyCardCreator said...

3d Baby bear shape card
A mother's Love
Cute as a Bug Boy
Thanks for the chance to play. :)

CrazyCardCreator said...
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callyannc said...

Ok this is stinkin freakin cute.

a mothers love(i Love)
cute as a bug boy (darling)
3d baby bear shaped card

LOVE IT!!!!!! I just ordered some of her new face stamps! Toooooo cute! CallyAnn

Maria said...

Cute as a Bug Boy Pattern Set
A mother's Love - Giraffe
3d Baby bear shape card

Her Craftiness (Lynne) said...

Adorable pattern..... loving her files...
Just had to comment
Hugs, Love, and Pixie Dust
Her Craftiness

btw, a new follower!

Joanna said...

1. 3d baby bear Shape Card with coordinating pieces.
2. Cute as a Bug-boy
3. A Mother's Love-Giraffe

This is an adorable card! Have a great day!

Deanna Lynn said...

This is really cute!
A mother's love - giraffe
cute as a bug - bear with ball
baby bear pattern set - bear with bear

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