Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time to Vote!

Next Monday I will be hosting a challenge and I have chosen 4 cartridges to choose from.  Please let me know which cartridge you would like to see used on my challenge.  I am also very excited to announce that I will be having my very first Guest Designer!!


Jenn said...

I can't wait! Just one question, if I don't have the specific cart, can I still join in or should I wait for the next challenge? Thanks :)

Linda Therrien said...

Hi Jen - you certainly still join, I will be announcing another element to the challenge, that I am sure you can join in on - I am so glad you will be joining me!!

Maquel said...

what are the 4 carts to choose from? :)


Linda Therrien said...

Maquel - I have it on the right side of my blog - I didn't realize I had to put it up every day. I have listed Simply Charmed, Classic Disney, Pooh and Friends and Cindy Loo

Maquel said...

Thanks Linda! It's not there yet today, so I'll vote here....hope you don't mind!!

I vote for Classic Disney...since I have that Cartridge and haven't played with it yet. Although I would worry that not many people have then maybe Cindy Loo...hmmm.....CHOICES!! Can I vote twice??? :)


Christine said...

I posted an entry for the embossing challenge. This is just my 2nd challenge. I'm a newbie.

Tisha said...

This is great! I nominated u for an award. Please come to my blog to check it out.