Friday, August 19, 2011

Bucket List Blog Hop Day 2

Happy Friday everyone!!  Hope everyone was able to hop along and see all the great project everyone
made yesterday, I know they were an inspiration to me.  Yesterday I made a layout of what is on my bucket list for the future.  Today I made a layout of something I recently did on my birthday that I thought I would never do.  Hike!!  I can walk until the cows come home, but running and hiking...I really don't think my body knows the meaning of those two things.  But on my birthday, my boyfriend and I
hiked to Chimney Pond in Millinocket Maine.  It took us 3 hours to hike 3.3 miles up this mountain, over huge rocks and boulders.  There was one point where the rocks looked to stairs going up to the heavens - beautiful but very difficult!  I can tell you that ignorance is bliss, because I had no idea what I was in for when we started, if I did, I would not have done it.  In the end, I was so glad I made it to Chimney Pond to enjoy such a beautiful untouched piece of nature.  It was so peaceful and I was glad I accomplished something I never knew I could do.
Isn't this just beautiful?  You were not allowed to wade in the pond - they didn't want anything touched.  We just sat there on huge rocks and took it all in before coming to the realization...what goes up has to go down..took us another 3 hours to get back to the car - but it was worth it. :)

Here is the lineup in case you get lost.  Your next stop is Inga.
  1. Michelle -<-----Happy Birthday on the 18th
  2. Justina<-----Happy Birthday on the 28th
  3. Anita -
  4. Ashley -
  5. Amy -
  6. Maria -
  7. Tami -
  8. Sher
  9. Gina -
  10. Gill - <-----Happy Anniv on the 11th
  11. Linda T -
  12. Inga -
  13. Corrine-
  14. Brynn-
  15. Lori-
  16. Nancy -
  17. Lisa -
  18. Wendy - <-----Happy Birthday on the 31st
  19. Jamie -<-----Happy Birthday on the 18th


Anonymous said...

great layout

Maria said...

beautiful place

Amy said...

Really beautiful, Linda... When I go up to my brother's in New York, I like to hike up into the mountains there -- So peaceful and beautiful... That lake is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. :)

Amy :) at

Vicki said...

Linda, I can feel you on the hiking but I know you had to have experienced a rush to realize that you had done that! What a gorgeous place to sit in the awesomeness of GOd. Congratulations on your achievement!

Lori Apgar said...

Gorgeous layout! What pretty scenery!!

Karen Bahit said...

Thank you for sharing your blog...It was lovely!!! God Bless!!0

smyiow said...

What a beautiful place! I love all the green in the water!

Shannon Myiow

Judy said...

Oh - that place is so beautiful! Maybe i should add that to my bucket list:-)
jejaeb at cfl dot rr dot com

shersl84bed said...

Beautiful. Hard to believe they wouldn't let you wade in the water, doesn't seem like that would have hurt anything.
Congratulations on doing something most people will never do.

Smiles Sher

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Beautiful photos, nice lay-out!


Gill McCall said...

Fabby layouts. WOW this place looks amazing. It looks like the area where the film lake placid was filmed. i would love to visit there and chill for a while. TFS

Tambo said...

This is beautiful. I have never been to Maine, so not sure what is there, but this looks like something you would find here in WA state. I did here that the scenery is comparable in some ways. We have a lot of hidden lakes up in the mts that you can only get to by hiking. I have done this in previous years, prior to my back injury, so wouldn't be able to now, but I like your ignorance is bliss statement. LOL i would be intimidated if I knew! Great job tfs Tami
Tambo's Creations

Patti Ross said...

What a great layout...such a beautiful memory. Now, the real question is...."Will you do it again?" LOL This is where Jim and I fell in's also where he dumped me in the roaring brook and lost my hiking boot...35 years later and we still are together! xoxoxx

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